Daedric Dagger: Unleash Oblivion’s Wrath in Your Hands

In the mythical realm of Tamriel, where danger lurks in every shadow and power comes in many forms, few weapons embody darkness and potency as profoundly as the Daedric dagger. This blade, steeped in mystique and forged with an otherworldly touch, holds the potential to unleash oblivion’s wrath upon foes. 

Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer in The Elder Scrolls universe or a newcomer curious about its arcane wonders, join us as we delve into the lore, craftsmanship, and formidable might of the Daedric dagger.

What is a Daedric dagger?

The Daedric dagger is a lethal one-handed weapon hailing from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Resonating with an aura of darkness and malevolence, this dagger embodies the craftsmanship of the Daedric Princes. Its serrated edge, reminiscent of its larger counterparts, and its distinctively curved handle immediately identify it as a member of the Daedric weapon family.

Adventurers traversing the treacherous landscapes of Skyrim can expect to encounter these daggers as they reach level 46, with enchanted versions becoming exceedingly rare and obtainable at level 47. The locations where they may be found include blacksmiths, general goods merchants, hidden within chests as random loot, or dropped by revered and legendary dragons as enchanting treasures.

Crafting a Daedric dagger requires both skill and arcane components. Aspiring smiths must possess a Smithing level of 90 and the Daedric Smithing perk to unlock its creation. At a blacksmith’s forge, the creation process involves combining a Daedra Heart, a Leather Strip, and an Ebony Ingot. Once forged, its potency can be further elevated by improvement using an Ebony Ingot at a grindstone, amplified by the Daedric Smithing perk.

For those who dare to tread the path of Conjuration, the Atronach Forge offers an alternate route to acquire this coveted weapon. However, it demands a Sigil Stone, obtained through the Conjuration Ritual Spell, which necessitates a Conjuration skill of 90. Components such as a Daedra Heart, Ebony dagger, Centurion Dynamo Core, and a Black Soul Gem are requisites for forging a Daedric dagger at the Atronach Forge.

With its sinister design, intricate craftsmanship, and formidable presence, the Daedric Dagger beckons to those who seek a weapon that channels the very essence of oblivion’s power in their hands.

What are the Daedra?

In the intricate tapestry of religious beliefs and cultures that sprawl across the realms of Nirn, the Daedra and their Princes emerge as figures of immense intrigue. Yet, defining these entities proves to be a complex endeavor, further complicated by the diverse interpretations offered by various societies. The veil of uncertainty is thickened by the Daedra themselves, who often challenge established explanations through their actions.

Numerous perspectives attempt to categorize the Daedra. Some views label them as “Padomaic” creations, stemming from the blood of Padomay before Nirn’s creation, an interpretation recounted in The Annotated Anuad.

However, this clashes with instances like Meridia’s transformation from a Magna Ge into a Daedric Prince. Additionally, the refusal of certain et’Ada to partake in Lorkhan’s creation of Mundus contradicts this perspective, yet it is complicated by the case of Malacath, once Trinimac.

Daedric origins remain shrouded in myths. Legends hint at their relation to Oblivion, as et’Ada more closely tied to the Void. The Monomyth elaborates that Daedra, as well as Daedric Princes, are connected to Oblivion, where they reincarnate in new forms after death. This paradoxical essence accounts for beings like Meridia’s reclassification, as her connection to Oblivion shatters the mold.

At the forefront of Daedric entities stand the enigmatic Daedric Princes, each governing a “sphere” or domain. Some, like Malacath, subvert traditional narratives, while others like Meridia shift between classifications due to cosmic events. Their diverse spheres define their attributes, making them integral to the complex tapestry of Tamriel.

Beyond the Princes, Lesser Daedra abound. Many were crafted by the Princes to serve various purposes. The Spirit of the Daedra suggests that some forms occurred naturally. Atronachs, for instance, encompass elemental manifestations like Flame Atronachs, Frost Atronachs, and Storm Atronachs, adding depth to the realm of Daedric creatures.

Intriguingly, Daedric interest often centers around mortals. The Princes manipulate and influence, often treating mortals as playthings or subjects to torment. Yet, amidst this callousness, a subtle admiration for mortal resilience emerges, a sentiment rarely disclosed but nonetheless present.

As shadows dance upon the tapestry of Tamriel, the Daedra remain figures of intricate complexity, their origins and intentions a labyrinthine puzzle. The very nature of Daedra challenges conventional understanding, leaving room for interpretations as varied and diverse as the cultures that gaze upon them.

Where can I get my own Daedric dagger?

Daedric Dagger by WestWolfRenaissance


  • Authentic Design: Inspired by Elder Scrolls games, this large full-size Daedric style dagger boasts a steel blade with a bright, sharpened edge and a textured, weathered finish.
  • Detailed Craftsmanship: The hilt, made of resin and metal with rubber accents, is intricately wrapped in black cotton cord. The dagger’s highly detailed and textured appearance gives it an aged and used look.
  • Impressive Dimensions: With a length of 24 inches (61 cm), including an 8.5-inch handle, and a weight of 3 pounds, this heavyweight collectible features a steel pommel and a distinct design that will captivate any Skyrim or Elder Scrolls fan.

LQSLFsword Demon Daedric Warrior


  • Hand-Forged 1060 Steel: Crafted from high-quality 1060 steel, this dagger boasts exceptional hardness and exquisite workmanship. Its design meticulously captures every detail from the original animation production.
  • Versatile Use and Display: Ideal for outdoor survival, role-play, collection, or gifting, the Daedric Dagger’s size of 24.4 inches, with a 13.3-inch blade and 7.8-inch handle, ensures its prominence. Weighing around 3 pounds, it’s both impressive and suitable for various purposes.
  • Careful Crafting Process: The dagger’s design, material selection, calcining, forging, quenching, sheath making, grinding, and engraving are executed meticulously by a professional sword design and development team. This labor-intensive process ensures high hardness, toughness, and top-notch quality.


As you traverse the realms of Tamriel, the Daedric Dagger stands as a testament to the artistry of darkness and the allure of formidable weaponry. With its origins intertwined with the Daedric Princes themselves, this blade is more than just a weapon; it’s a symbol of power that resonates with the very essence of Tamriel’s complex universe. 

Whether you’re drawn to its malevolent design, its deadly precision, or the rich tapestry of lore that surrounds it, the Daedric Dagger invites you to grasp oblivion’s might and become a force to be reckoned with in the ever-shifting landscapes of The Elder Scrolls.

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