Carnwennan: The Mythical Blade of Arthurian Legend

In the realms of Arthurian legend, where magic and chivalry intertwine, few artifacts are as enigmatic and evocative as Carnwennan, the mythical blade associated with the legendary King Arthur. Steeped in mystique and wrapped in tales of valor, betrayal, and destiny, Carnwennan stands as a testament to the enduring power of storytelling. 

This dagger, often shrouded in shadows, holds a pivotal role in the tales of Camelot—a symbol of Arthur’s clandestine prowess and the hidden facets of his heroic journey. As we embark on a journey through the misty corridors of ancient lore, let us unveil the layers of myth and magic that encompass the fascinating legend of Carnwennan.

What was Carnwennan?

Carnwennan, also known as Carnwenhau or “Little White Hilt,” was the dagger of King Arthur in Welsh Arthurian legends. Exclusive to Welsh traditions, it holds a place among sacred weapons bestowed upon Arthur by God, alongside his renowned spear Rhongomyniad and his sword Caledfwlch. 

Carnwennan possesses mystical attributes, allowing its users to shroud themselves in shadows, potentially signifying invisibility or envelopment in darkness. Beyond its capabilities, the dagger also boasts formidable cutting power, as evidenced by Arthur using it to cleave an opponent in two. This dagger’s role, unique to the Welsh tales of Arthur, speaks to its status as a distinctive emblem within the rich tapestry of Arthurian lore.

What’s the Story of Culhwch and Olwen?

“Culhwch and Olwen,” an enthralling Welsh tale preserved in ancient manuscripts, weaves a narrative around the hero Culhwch, who embarks on a quest intertwined with Arthur and his warriors. 

Culhwch, the son of King Cilydd, faces an intriguing fate as he rejects his stepmother’s attempt to pair him with his stepsister and becomes cursed, destined to marry only the alluring Olwen, daughter of the giant Ysbaddaden Pencawr.

Culhwch’s infatuation with Olwen prompts him to seek the assistance of his renowned cousin Arthur. Arthur, a symbol of valor and power, agrees to aid Culhwch, offering his warriors and an array of skilled individuals. Among the notable figures accompanying Culhwch are Cai, Bedwyr, Gwalchmei, and Menw son of Tairgwaedd.

The story’s climax revolves around Culhwch’s pursuit of Olwen’s hand in marriage, a journey laden with seemingly insurmountable tasks set by her father, the formidable Ysbaddaden “Chief Giant.” 

The tasks include acquiring the enigmatic basket of Gwyddneu Garanhir and hunting the elusive Ysgithyrwyn chief boar. The completion of these challenges, among others, ultimately leads to the demise of the giant, liberating Olwen to wed her devoted admirer.

Carnwennan, the mythical dagger, finds a place within this tale as Arthur’s distinguished weapon, a token of his assistance to Culhwch.

Carnwennan in Pop Culture

In the world of Black Clover, Carnwennan holds a captivating portrayal as a magic dagger wielded by Ézéchiel d’Noir. This mystical weapon boasts an imposing aesthetic with its substantial obsidian blade and resplendent golden hilt. A striking wine-colored ruby rests at the heart of the dagger, enhancing its allure. Wrapped in an enigmatic leather-like sheath, Carnwennan exudes an air of mystery.

Carnwennan’s true power lies in its connection to Dark Magic. The dagger’s primary purpose is to envelop its user in an inimitable shadow, effectively absorbing all ambient light. To onlookers, the wielder becomes an ethereal entity of darkness, completely indiscernible. 

This otherworldly effect reaches its zenith when employed under the cover of night, in light-deprived surroundings, or in conjunction with spells that shroud the area in darkness. In luminous environments, the shadowy guise serves as an impeccable disguise, rendering the user unseen.

Remarkably, the ruby embedded within Carnwennan’s hilt assumes a unique role. It functions as a mana suppressant, allowing the wielder to embody the essence of the void itself, transcending the boundaries of mere magic. This captivating portrayal of Carnwennan within the Black Clover universe underscores its enigmatic nature and the potent abilities it bestows upon Ézéchiel d’Noir.

In Naruto, Carnwennan takes on a unique role as an angelic weapon, wielded solely by Yuri Kōshitsu. This dagger stands out for its extraordinary summoning ability, transcending form restrictions. While most weapons necessitate hand signs for summoning, Carnwennan can be invoked effortlessly by any angel. However, the prerequisite is angelic status.

What sets Carnwennan apart is its source of power—it doesn’t rely on the user’s chakra or natural energy. Instead, it harnesses the positive energy derived from the admiration and respect of others towards the user. This energy is transformed into chakra exclusive to the dagger. 

This positive chakra facilitates various techniques, including the formidable Samurai Sabre Technique, Flash, Rupture, and even the ancient Angel Sphere jutsu. Carnwennan’s exceptional trait lies in its ability to sever chakra threads without requiring chakra.

Yuri Kōshitsu, the wielder of Carnwennan, is marked by extraordinary abilities. Possessing Divine Release, Kagu-tsuchi Release, Rajin Release, and Fujin Release—advanced chakra natures—she’s also God’s Advocate, granting her mastery of unique techniques. 

Her prowess extends to taijutsu, where enhanced reflexes and strength contribute to formidable combat skills. While her short stature poses a challenge, her combat prowess compensates for it. In ninjutsu, Yuri excels, seamlessly performing A-rank techniques like the Holy Art techniques.

Furthermore, Carnwennan’s link to Yuri’s abilities showcases her range of chakra natures, with Yang Release, Yin Release, and Yin-Yang Release at her disposal. Despite her exceptional skills, Yuri’s genjutsu aptitude remains average for her age, used strategically to gain an edge or alter the course of a battle. As a unique element within the Naruto universe, Carnwennan adds layers of mystique to Yuri’s character and capabilities.


Carnwennan, the mythical blade that transcends time and imagination, encapsulates the essence of Arthurian legend. Its name may mean “Little White-Hilt,” but the impact it has left on literature, culture, and our collective yearning for tales of heroism is anything but diminutive. 

From its origins as a cunning instrument of stealth to its significance as a conduit for the supernatural, Carnwennan’s legacy is etched into the tapestry of Arthurian lore. In the realm of myths, where the line between reality and imagination is blurred, Carnwennan stands as a testament to the enduring allure of stories that bridge the gap between the mundane and the magical.

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