Unleash the Horde with a Gorehowl Replica

In the vast and storied realm of Azeroth, few weapons have carved a legacy as indelible as the Gorehowl. This two-handed axe holds a special place in the lore of Warcraft, owing much of its renown to the warriors who once wielded it and the battles it has witnessed. 

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Gorehowl, uncovering its origins, its connection to the Hellscream family, and even where one can find a Gorehowl replica for their collection.

What is the Gorehowl?

The Gorehowl is a legendary two-handed axe with a rich and storied history in the Warcraft universe. Forged three generations before it came into the possession of Grommash Hellscream, it was initially used to slay six formidable gronn, their hearts sealed within the blade, bestowing upon it immense power. 

The axe’s legacy continued when Grommash’s father, Golmash Hellscream, valiantly used it to defeat a giant gronn that had him in its clutches, sealing their fates together.

Throughout its existence, Gorehowl witnessed pivotal moments in the Hellscream family’s history. Grom Hellscream, after partaking in the Blood of Mannoroth, wielded it in battle during the destruction of Shattrath City and the slaying of the demigod Cenarius. 

In a momentous confrontation, Grom Hellscream took down the pit lord Mannoroth with a single blow from Gorehowl, breaking the curse that plagued the orcs. Later, Thrall entrusted the axe to Garrosh, who continued its legacy, wielding it in significant events, including his duel with Cairne Bloodhoof and battles against various foes.

The Hellscream Family

Grommash Hellscream

Grommash Hellscream, a formidable orc chieftain and a key figure in Warcraft lore, led a tumultuous life filled with moments of great triumph and inner conflict. He rose to leadership at a young age, taking the helm of the Warsong clan under mysterious circumstances. His journey was marked by significant events, including his encounters with the demonic curse that plagued the orcish race.

As chieftain, Grommash faced challenges such as aggressive raids into ogre lands, which nearly led to the destruction of the Warsong clan. During this time, he made a fateful decision when his mate, Golka, was critically injured, leading to a moment of profound regret.

Grommash’s spirit was put to the test when he was captured by an ogre warlord but ultimately prevailed through sheer determination and cunning. This experience earned him the title of “the Warlord with the Iron Will.”

Throughout his life, Grommash played pivotal roles in key events, including the invasion of Shattrath City and partaking in the Blood of Mannoroth. His most significant moment came when he cleaved Mannoroth, a powerful pit lord, with his legendary axe, Gorehowl, breaking the demonic curse that plagued the orcs. This act of redemption ultimately led to his death.

Garrosh Hellscream

Garrosh Hellscream, a prominent figure in the history of Azeroth, rose to fame as a former Warchief of the Horde, handpicked by Thrall to lead during tumultuous times. He hailed from the renowned Hellscream lineage, with his father Grommash Hellscream, a legendary warrior and orc leader, famously drinking the blood of Mannoroth, a pivotal moment in orc history.

Initially, Garrosh harbored resentment toward his father for this act, but his perspective changed when he met Thrall during the invasion of Outland and learned of Grom’s redemption. This encounter inspired Garrosh to embrace his leadership potential. His unwavering pride and determination came to the forefront as he led the Horde in Northrend, where he earned the admiration of his people.

However, as the conflict between the Alliance and Horde escalated, Garrosh’s hunger for power led him down a dark path. He prioritized orc supremacy above all else, even resurrecting an Old God’s heart to achieve his goals, causing widespread destruction.

Garrosh became the central antagonist of the Alliance-Horde war during Mists of Pandaria. He was eventually defeated and captured, facing trial as a war criminal in Pandaria. Yet, he managed to escape to an alternate Draenor, where he influenced events and gave rise to the Iron Horde.

In Warlords of Draenor, Garrosh’s actions reverberated through time. He supplied the orc clans with technology, united them under one banner, and plotted vengeance against Azeroth. Ultimately, he faced his demise in a mak’gora duel with Thrall in Nagrand.

After death, Garrosh’s soul journeyed through various realms, but he remained unrepentant for his deeds and chose self-destruction over submission to his sins.

Golmash Hellscream

Golmash Hellscream, also known as the Giantslayer, was the patriarch of the Hellscream family and the father of Grommash Hellscream. He met his demise in a fierce battle when he was crushed to death by a massive gronn. 

Remarkably, even in his final moments, Golmash summoned the strength to drive his axe, Gorehowl, into the gronn’s eye, ultimately slaying the beast before succumbing himself. His bravery and determination in the face of certain death left a lasting legacy within the Hellscream family.

Where to Get Your Own Gorehowl Replica




In the world of fantasy and gaming, certain weapons carry a significance that transcends mere steel and wood. The Gorehowl, forever linked to the Hellscream lineage, is one such iconic relic. Through the hands of Grommash and Garrosh, it has become a symbol of orcish strength and heritage. 

While few will ever hold the genuine article, replicas offer a bridge to its legendary history. The tale of the Gorehowl underscores the enduring impact of weapons in the Warcraft universe, where every strike can leave an imprint on the annals of history.

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