The Meteor Hammer: A Versatile Weapon for Martial Arts Enthusiasts

The world of martial arts is a realm of discipline, skill, and timeless traditions. In this domain of combat, fighters are known for wielding an array of fascinating weapons. 

Among the lesser-known yet incredibly versatile tools is the meteor hammer. While it might not conjure images of celestial bodies or astral phenomena, this unique weapon holds an important place in martial arts history. 

In this article, we’ll delve into the intricacies of the meteor hammer, exploring its origins, uses, and even its appearances in pop culture. By the end, you’ll understand why it’s a cherished choice for martial arts enthusiasts seeking a blend of tradition and adaptability.

What is a Meteor Hammer?

The meteor hammer, known as “liúxīng chuí” in Chinese, is an ancient Chinese weapon characterized by two weights connected by a rope or chain. It belongs to the broader category of flail and chain weapons and is considered a flexible or “soft” weapon. 

Various names are used for this weapon worldwide, depending on regional variations and intended use, including “meteor,” “dai chui,” “flying hammer,” and “dragon’s fist.” 

While its historical combat use is not well-documented, the meteor hammer is designed with a flexible chain or rope with weights attached to one or both ends. This construction allows for concealment and can be employed as a defensive or surprise weapon.

Using a meteor hammer involves building angular momentum by swinging the weights around the body and then striking the target. The long chain may become wrapped around the body, limbs, or weapons of the target during an attack.

There are two main types of meteor hammers. The double-headed meteor hammer typically has spherical heads on both ends, is 2–3 meters (6.6–9.8 feet) in length, and is used for offense and defense. 

The single-headed meteor hammer, similar to a rope dart, features a rounded head and is known for its powerful strikes, as the head can weigh up to 3 kilograms (6.6 pounds) and is attached to a long rope, often 6 meters (20 feet) in length. Despite its force, the single-headed meteor hammer can be challenging to control due to its design.

The Meteor Hammer in Pop Culture

Romeo Must Die

In this scene, Jet Li uses a firehose as a makeshift version of the meteor hammer.

Shanghai Noon

In this scene, Jackie Chan ties a horseshoe to a rope and uses it as a makeshift version of the meteor hammer.

Where Can I Get My Own Meteor Hammer?

Kult of Athena

Lord of Battles Meteor Hammer


  • Unique Martial Arts Weapon: The Meteor Hammer is an enigmatic and challenging weapon in Chinese martial arts, known for its unpredictability and concussive force when skillfully used.
  • High-Quality Construction: Crafted from high carbon steel, this Meteor Hammer features two weighted balls connected by a lengthy steel chain, ensuring durability and effectiveness.
  • Versatile and Concealable: Skilled practitioners, like the Shaolin Monks, can master its use, wielding it with precision, building momentum, and even concealing it to surprise opponents.


Copper Meteor Hammer by good2028


  • Material: The Meteor Hammer is constructed from durable copper, ensuring a long-lasting and robust tool.
  • Dimensions: With a hammer width of 9.5cm (3.74 inches), a hammer length of 15cm (5.90 inches), and a total length of 144cm (56.69 inches), it offers a versatile size suitable for various applications.
  • Weight: Weighing in at 2600g, this hammer strikes the perfect balance between power and maneuverability.


In the world of martial arts, where tradition meets innovation, the meteor hammer has established itself as a remarkable weapon. Its history, deeply rooted in Chinese culture, stretches back centuries, and its applications have continued to evolve. 

Whether you’re drawn to its traditional aspects or its capacity for modern adaptation, the meteor hammer remains a versatile, respected, and awe-inspiring choice for martial arts enthusiasts. As you embark on your journey in martial arts, consider exploring the unique and captivating world of the meteor hammer. 

Your training, self-discipline, and dedication will guide your mastery of this exceptional weapon, allowing you to bridge the ancient with the contemporary in a display of skill and finesse.

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