Maces for Sale: Embrace Strength and Style

In the world of historical weaponry, few items embody both strength and style as effectively as maces. These powerful and distinctive weapons have a storied past, known for their ability to crush armor and deliver devastating blows on the battlefield. 

Whether you’re a collector, an enthusiast of medieval history, or someone seeking a unique addition to your arsenal, exploring all the different maces for sale is a journey into a realm where form and function unite in perfect harmony. 

In this article, we will delve into the world of maces to highlight their historical significance, varied designs, and available maces for sale for those looking to own these impressive pieces of weaponry.

What are Maces?

A mace, a powerful and formidable blunt weapon, shows the ingenuity of craftsmanship and the relentless pursuit of innovation in combat. Rooted in the ancient art of warfare, a mace distinguishes itself with a heavy head mounted on a sturdy handle, capable of delivering devastating blows. Composed of materials ranging from stone, bone, copper, bronze, to iron and steel, maces have taken many forms throughout history.

In the realm of military maces, the ingenuity shines in the design, with flanges or knobs adorning the head to pierce through plate armor. The mace’s length varies, tailored to the needs of foot soldiers, cavalrymen, and those wielding two-handed versions. Though the mace’s role in combat has evolved over time, its influence persists in ceremonial contexts, symbolizing authority in government proceedings, academic rituals, and civic processions.

The origins of the mace trace back to the Upper Paleolithic era when it emerged from the humble club, enhanced by the addition of sharp spikes made from materials like flint or obsidian. Across ancient civilizations, from Egypt to Mesopotamia and beyond, maces evolved in shape, material, and function. The challenge lay in strengthening their heads to avoid shattering and securely attaching them to the handle.

A pivotal advancement was the adoption of metal for mace heads, rendering them more durable and reliable. The shift to copper heads allowed for improved compatibility with wooden handles. Throughout history, cultures like the Persians, Indians, and Eastern Europeans utilized variations of maces in warfare, with unique designs tailored to their specific needs.

The mace’s influence persisted through the Middle Ages and beyond, proving its worth against armored knights who were protected by mail. Flanged maces, characterized by their protruding flanges, gained prominence for their ability to dent or penetrate armor. As armor evolved, so did maces, offering an alternative to edged weapons and delivering powerful blows without compromising the armor’s integrity.

Best Places to Find Maces for Sale

Kult of Athena

Kult of Athena is your premier destination for genuine swords, daggers, armor, and maces for sale. Explore a vast collection of historical replicas from various cultures and eras. With a commitment to quality, Kult of Athena offers an unparalleled selection sourced globally.

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My Top Pick

Arms & Armor High Gothic Mace


  • Iconic Design: This mace boasts a timeless High Gothic knightly design, celebrated as one of the most recognized medieval arms, displayed prominently in the Wallace Collection, London.
  • Historical Accuracy: The mace’s sweeping pierced flanges, hexagonal shaft, and bronze base finial closely replicate the features of the original gothic mace, capturing its authentic historical essence.
  • Precise Reproduction: Crafted with exacting detail, the mace’s head is copied directly from the original, showcasing the remarkable skills and innovation of medieval arms makers.
  • Agile and Quick: Despite its formidable appearance, the mace’s balance and weight allow for agile and swift wielding, making it a versatile and effective weapon in battle.
  • Battle Ready: Crafted by Arms & Armor, a reputable manufacturer, this mace is not only a visually striking piece but also battle-ready, ensuring durability and reliability in combat scenarios.

Medieval Collectibles

Established in 2003, Medieval Collectibles is your premier source for authentic arms and armour. With a vast selection of over 37,000 products from global manufacturers, we’re a trusted name in the medieval replica industry. Our extensive range includes battle-ready swords, functional armor, shields, and more.

Backed by 60+ years of combined expertise, we provide exceptional customer service, timely deliveries, and competitive prices. Whether for re-enactments, LARP events, or historical enthusiasts, our collection embodies the spirit of the past. Elevate your medieval experience with our top-quality maces for sale.

My Top Pick



  • Powerful Presence: The silver morning star weapon boasts an imposing design with a weighted head and nearly two dozen spikes, making it a commanding presence on the battlefield or as home decor.
  • Authentic Knightly Look: With its chivalric grace and all-steel construction, the morning star weapon captures the essence of medieval weaponry, appealing to collectors, enthusiasts, and cosplayers.
  • Customizable Spikes: The removable spikes provide versatility, allowing users to adapt the weapon’s appearance according to their preferences or display needs.
  • High-Quality Materials: Crafted from polished stainless steel, the morning star weapon combines durability with a gleaming finish, embodying the essence of knightly strength.
  • Versatile Decor Piece: Beyond its historical significance, the weapon’s unique design and leather-wrapped handle make it a great addition to home decor, showcasing a touch of medieval allure.

Cold Steel

Cold Steel is a leading name in crafting exceptionally strong and sharp knives and swords. With over 30 years of innovation, Cold Steel has left an indelible mark on the knife industry. Known for pioneering features like Kraton® handles and groundbreaking blade designs, such as the iconic tanto point, Cold Steel sets new standards for quality.

From introducing advanced blade steels like San Mai III® to revolutionary locking mechanisms like the Tri-Ad™ Lock, Cold Steel’s commitment to excellence shines. Aiming to produce the world’s best blades, Cold Steel’s legacy of durability and performance continues, making it a go-to for exceptional knives and other weapons like maces for sale.

My Top Pick

MAA Gothic Mace


  • Historical Design: Crafted in the Germanic style, this mace draws inspiration from classical Gothic weaponry, adding an authentic touch to your collection.
  • Superior Material: Made from 1055 carbon steel, the mace ensures durability and strength for combat or display.
  • Effective Armor Penetration: Featuring six steel flanges designed to reduce weight and increase impact force, the mace effectively dents and crushes even the toughest plate armor.
  • Versatile Handling: With a balanced weight and spiked finial for thrusting, the mace can be wielded with one or two hands, offering both speed and defensive capabilities.
  • Attractive Craftsmanship: The mace is richly blued for a deep black finish and features a hand-stitched leather-wrapped handle, making it a visually striking addition for collectors, martial artists, reenactors, and enthusiasts alike.


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My Top Picks

Gothic Mace by Archangel Steel


  • Handcrafted Authenticity: The Gothic Mace is carefully handmade, ensuring a unique and authentic design that stands out.
  • Quality Materials: Crafted with durable materials including leather and carbon steel, this mace is built to last and withstand use.
  • Impressive Design: With an overall length of 39.0″ and an intricate head size of 3″ square, the Gothic Mace exudes an impressive and imposing appearance.

4-Ring, Tiered, Morningstar Mace by Archangel Steel


  • Handcrafted Original Design: Each mace is meticulously handmade with an original design by Archangel Steel, ensuring its uniqueness and quality.
  • Durable Materials: Constructed from robust 1040 steel, the mace is built to withstand impact. The one-inch steel tube handle with 1/8-inch walls provides sturdiness during use.
  • Optimal Hardness: The mace is heat-treated and hardened to a Rockwell hardness level of 53 to 55, striking a balance between durability and effective impact.


Whether you envision yourself wielding a mace in spirited reenactments, proudly displaying a finely crafted mace as a symbol of history, or simply admiring the intricate details of these weapons, the world of maces offers a journey of exploration and appreciation. In embracing both the strength and style encapsulated by maces, we celebrate a bridge between the past and the present—a testament to human creativity and the enduring allure of historical weaponry.


What’s the difference between a mace and a morning star?

A mace and a morning star are both blunt, medieval weapons. A mace features a heavy head attached to a handle, designed for delivering powerful blunt-force strikes and often modified with flanges or knobs for armor penetration. A morning star is a type of mace with a spiked ball that can be either attached to the shaft or to a chain at the end of the shaft.

Where did the name mace come from?

The term “mace” originates from the Middle English word “mace,” which is derived from the French word “masse” (short for “Masse d’armes”), signifying a ‘large hammer’ with a weighty head at the end.

Were maces effective against armor?

Yes, maces were effective against armor. They demonstrated their effectiveness against mail armor, which could defend against cuts from edged weapons but was vulnerable to the powerful crushing impact of the mace. As plate armor evolved, so did the mace. Flanges and small spikes were incorporated into the head of the mace, enhancing its ability to shatter and deform plate armor, making it a formidable weapon against well-armored opponents.

What’s the advantage of using a mace?

The advantage of using a mace lies in its unique design, which combines both blunt-force impact and puncture capabilities. This makes the mace an effective weapon for delivering powerful blows that can crush armor and incapacitate opponents. The spikes on the mace’s head enhance its ability to penetrate armor and cause significant damage. Additionally, the mace’s design allows for versatile use by both infantry and cavalry, making it suitable for various combat situations. Its distinct features provide warriors with an efficient and formidable tool for close-quarters combat.

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